Reviewing the Tools: Defining the technology that drives your business

Campaign Watch CEO Jamie Smith is speaking at LeadsCon on an all star panel in NYC August 24th at 10am.  This session will be discussing what technology is an absolute must to drive profits and which ones you don’t need anymore.

Success in marketing requires that you bring together the right tools to analyze market, optimize campaigns and distribute leads or calls. Selecting and incorporating the right technology can often be daunting.

Before you look for tools to run your business, start by defining your pain point that technology might help automate, save time, or drive better results. Then you can focus on the tools you need to analyze your leads and drive those to the right customers. Whether you’re evaluating tools for paid search, competitive intelligence, call analytics, website optimization, lead/call distribution or a host of other needs, this session will review the pros and cons of various tools, how to select the right tools, how to gain insights from all this data, and the top tools you should use daily.

Key Takeaways:
• How to think about requirements across your business so you can select the best tool for the job
• Learn how to use 4 components to help organize communication and focus on data-driven decisions
• Discover some great free and premium tools that all markets/affiliates should be using
• How competitive intelligence tools can shorten the time to insights and results
• Maximizing business success through optimal distribution

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