Executive Competitor Dashboard

Monitor your top competitors’ seasonal spend, clicks, position, number of keywords and market share on desktop & mobile.

Executive Dashboard

See competitor landing page test results on a timeline

Quickly spot landing page variations that are being tested and which version works for your competition.

Testing Timeline

Drill in to analyze what was tested and which offer won

Sometimes it can be hard to tell what competitors are testing but “highlight difference” will show you in red exactly what changed.

Testing Analyze

Keyword, Ad, Landing Page User Conversion Funnel Comparison

Put yourself in the user’s perspective and compare side by side to see if you have the most compelling offer.

Conversion Funnel

Advertiser impression share & industry position comparison

Keep a close eye on any changes in market share, average keyword position & never be blindsided by a new advertiser.

Impression vs Position

Keyword Overlap War Zone

Identify the keywords you and your competition are buying to make sure you have the most compelling conversion funnel.

Keyword Overlap War Zone