Using Campaign Watch is like having your top competitors report their marketing strategy to you first thing every morning.

Schedule a 15 minute demo and we’ll show you exactly what your competition is doing.

79% of ad and landing page tests fail.

Shorten the time to find profitable ad and landing page conversion funnels that match user intent.  View competitor landing page test results to determine what variables were tested and what works in your industry.

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Instant insights with the knowledge you gain.

Improve marketing performance with actionable competitor data, monitoring and alerts.

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What Clients Are Saying
  • Campaign Watch sent me an alert that my competition had changed their ad and landing page offer. We immediately updated our promotion to be more compelling and stay one step ahead.

    Brian Lewis CEO, Wolfhound Interactive
  • Evaluating my PPC competitors' landing page test results helped me differentiate my offer and increase my conversion rate.  Campaign Watch is exactly the competitive dashboard and monitoring tool I was looking for.

    Mike Poserina PPC Consultant
  • I have saved so much time doing competitor research with Campaign Watch.  We always WOW our clients with the details of what each of their competitors are doing in terms of spend, top performing keywords, ads and landing pages.

    Brad Merkel CEO, Clear Peach
  • We use several tools but only Campaign Watch delivered on the promise to deliver accurate competitive intelligence data we could actually use to improve results.  Clients can't believe how much data we have on their competitors!

    Kevin Fleming CEO, TLD Agency
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Learn why fortune 500 advertisers and Agencies use Campaign Watch to gain a nearly unfair advantage. We won’t waste your time and will customize a DEMO to show you how to monetize the competitor data for your industry.

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Quickly spot key differences between A-B landing page testing and see which version wins on desktop versus mobile.

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Competitive Intelligence Dashboard

Easily review top competitors visibility, average position and new ads or landing page offers.

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